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4 Moving Hacks to Simplify Your Transition to a New Home

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Moving house doesn't have to be an emotionally and physically exhausting task. It can be relatively easy and smooth if you are adequately prepared for it. Unfortunately, most people forget simple things which end up complicating the moving process and igniting disagreements with the moving company. Here you will learn a few things that you should take care of before the D-day to simplify the task.          1.

27 February 2018

Concrete Tiles

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Concrete tiles are shaped pieces of cement. Most people tend to get confused, thinking concrete tiles and cement tiles are different things. Well, it is the same thing, only that the name concrete tiles sounds more attractive and therefore sells more. Pros of using concrete tiles Saves on cost: concrete tiles are cheaper compared to other types of tiles. They don't need to be fired at extreme temperatures and are therefore less time consuming and the amount of resources used in its production is pocket friendly Easy to customize: it is very easy to make tiles into any shape, color or pattern.

16 February 2018

5 Reasons Those With Mobility Issues Should Renovate the Kitchen With Rubber Flooring

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If you are starting to suffer from mobility issues, it makes sense to renovate the kitchen with your changing needs in mind. The type of flooring you choose is particularly important, and there's no choice better than rubber flooring. Here are just five reasons why. 1. High Traction If you suffer from mobility issues, you're not likely to be quite as stable on your feet as you once were. It's harder to recover from a slip, and such a slip can place excess pressure on damaged joints and weak muscles.

22 January 2018

Top Reasons to Invest In Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Carpeting is a ubiquitous floor covering in Australian homes. The high versatility that it provides makes it a favourite for both decorating as well as enhancing the comfort in different rooms of the residence. Moreover, since carpets can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, some homeowners never contemplate professional carpet cleaning. The reality though is that routine vacuuming only eliminates surface dirt. The longer you have owned your carpet, the higher the likelihood that dirt and contaminants have made their way deep inside your carpet and have become embedded on the fibres.

10 September 2017

A Step Closer to the Green Home! Window Treatments that Will Help Lower Your Energy Bills

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The right window treatments can be beautiful and functional as your home's privacy solution. They are great for covering up the unwanted view inside or outside your home. But how often do you dress up your windows for function rather than beauty? With proper placement of the right window treatments, you can dramatically lower your monthly energy bills.  Here are a few window treatments that will help you ease on your air conditioning.

6 September 2017

4 Tips to Keep Home Lockouts in Your Past

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Locking yourself out of your home or losing your keys can be very distressing, especially since your other plans get delayed in the time it takes you to come up with a solution. It's even worse if this happens at night when all you want to do is get inside and get to bed. This article discusses some tips you can apply to reduce likelihood of being stranded outside your home at the most inconvenient times.

1 September 2017

Why Choose a Glass Shower Screen Over a Standard Shower Curtain?

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A glass shower screen is a great feature for any bathroom, no matter its size and no matter your choice of decor in the space. If you've never thought about having a glass shower screen installed, note why it can be a better option than a standard shower curtain, and how it can improve and enhance the bathroom's appearance and even its safety. Cleanliness and hygiene Shower curtains need a liner inside the tub or shower area, and these liners are notorious for holding mildew and mould along the hemline, even if they're advertised as waterproof.

25 August 2017

Basic Buying Guide for Kitchen Bench tops

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Choosing a material for your kitchen bench tops is one of the most crucial decisions that you will make during kitchen renovations. Your choice of bench top materials will typically dictate the appearance of other elements in your kitchen such as the flooring, the cabinetry and more. Therefore, the bench tops play a significant role in contributing to the aesthetics of the kitchen. However, this is not the only thing to bear in mind.

18 August 2017

Do Your Awnings Need Reskinning?

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Awnings are one of the versatile window treatment you could consider or your home. These coverings provide the exterior of your home with shade, boost the kerb appeal of your property and make your home energy efficient by reducing thermal gain. But since awnings are exposed to changing weather conditions, they can start to lose their lustre over time. Luckily, replacing them is not the only solution available to you. A cost effective way of sprucing up your awnings would be through reskinning.

18 August 2017

How to Make a Small Bedroom Office Feel Bigger

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Having your office in your bedroom is tough — you might feel less than professional or struggle to create a clear separation between work and relaxation. It's even tougher when your bedroom isn't much bigger than a shoe cupboard, but with some clever interior design tricks, you can create a multi-purpose room that you'll love spending time in. Read on to find out how to make even the smallest office/bedroom combo feel light and spacious.

17 August 2017