When to Choose Window Blinds Versus Curtains in Your Home

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The window treatments you choose for your home are very important; not only do they create privacy for the home's interior, but they also work like accessories to an outfit, bringing a bit of colour and texture into the space. While curtains can certainly add softness and grandeur to the room, they're not always the right choice for a window. Custom blinds can often be better and more practical for certain rooms and certain windows; note a few differences between these window treatments so you know the best option for your space.

Size of room

Even simple curtain panels can sometimes look a bit overpowering in a small room, and may get in the way of foot traffic and furniture. Trying to open those curtains around or behind a sofa, table, and the like can be an imposition and very cumbersome. If you've ever bumped into a table or knocked over a plant trying to reach a curtain or its rod, you know how difficult it can be! Blinds that fit in the window frame are more proportionate to smaller windows and smaller spaces, and won't interfere with plants or furniture.

Oddly shaped windows

If you have very oddly shaped windows, it can be difficult to find curtains that cover them properly or that look like they fit the windows and complement them. Windows that are very large or that cover an entire wall in a room may need extremely large curtains that easily overwhelm the space, and which become too heavy and difficult to move.

Blinds can be custom made to fit a window frame perfectly, so they cover even the most oddly shaped window. Custom blinds can also be installed along larger windows without become too heavy or too overwhelming.

Custom furniture and flooring

Trying to match any furniture with curtains can be a challenge, but if you have custom upholstery, or have exotic hardwood furniture, it can be even more difficult to find curtain fabric to match. Custom blinds can be made in the same colour tone as the custom upholstery or wood furniture.

The same is true if your home has timber flooring; trying to find curtains that don't clash with the tone of wood or that take attention away from expensive, exotic hardwood can be difficult. Simple fabric blinds can look very attractive while not clashing with the timber floors, so your home doesn't look cluttered with too many strong and bold features, and the window treatments provide a nice backdrop for those floors.


14 August 2017

Turning Your Home into Your Workplace

When I decided to become a freelance designer, I decided I would work from home. I was sick and tired of being in an office all day and to be honest, some of my workmates were pretty annoying. However, I did not consider that I might have to make some changes to my home in order to make it suitable. On the first day of my new life working from home, I realised I would need much more natural light, so I had new windows installed. I then realised that I would need a larger work table to work on my cut out designs. In the end, I made hundreds of changes and I learnt an awful lot about home improvement.