Tired Of Your Bathroom? Signs It's Time For Renovations

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If you haven't renovated your bathroom in a while, it's time to add that to your to-do list. Autumn is almost here, meaning it's the perfect time of year to start some home improvement projects. This includes bathroom renovations. If you are not sure you need a bathroom renovation, read the list provided below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, now is the time to renovate the bathroom. 

Foul Odours Trapped In Tile

Does your bathroom tile smell like urine, no matter how much you scrub? If it does, it's time to hire a renovation contractor. Once the tile grout gets saturated with urine, no amount of scrubbing will erase the problem. That's where bathroom renovations come into the picture. When you renovate the bathroom, you can replace the smelly tile. That way, your bathroom will both look and smell clean. 

Hazardous Tub Enclosure

Do you get cuts and scrapes from your bathtub enclosure? If you do, a bathroom renovation can help. Sharp edges on the bathtub enclosure can leave you with serious scrapes and cuts. These injuries can get infected by the germs that are on the surface of the enclosure. Make your bathtub a safer place by investing in a bathroom renovation project. 

Outdated Shower Stall

Is your shower stall outdated, or is it too small to move around in? If you said yes to either of those questions, it's time to hire a renovation contractor. Bathroom renovation lets you replace the outdated shower stall. You can add a frameless shower enclosure, and can also add other features to make your shower more relaxing. Some of those features include a shower seat and a waterfall showerhead. 

Lack of Usable Space

Have you run out of usable space in the bathroom? If you have, a bathroom renovation can give you the space you need to stretch out. You can add cabinets and storage cubicles. You can also add personal grooming areas that let you keep your self-care items in one convenient spot. 

Insufficient Ventilation

Does your bathroom get hot and humid? If it does, it's time to plan a renovation project. This is important if your bathroom doesn't have windows or a ventilation system. Without enough ventilation, your bathroom can get downright uncomfortable. A bathroom renovation project will let you add windows and a new ventilation system. That way, you can bring in some fresh air. 


14 February 2023

Turning Your Home into Your Workplace

When I decided to become a freelance designer, I decided I would work from home. I was sick and tired of being in an office all day and to be honest, some of my workmates were pretty annoying. However, I did not consider that I might have to make some changes to my home in order to make it suitable. On the first day of my new life working from home, I realised I would need much more natural light, so I had new windows installed. I then realised that I would need a larger work table to work on my cut out designs. In the end, I made hundreds of changes and I learnt an awful lot about home improvement.