5 Features You Should Consider When Buying Multi Door Refrigerators


Larger families are better served by a multi-door refrigerator whose capacity is usually larger than that of single or double-door fridges. This article discusses some of the features that you should consider when you go shopping for a multi-door refrigerator for your large family.

Temperature Zoning

Large families normally need to store different food items at varying temperatures in order to keep that food fresh. It is therefore advisable for you to select a multi-door refrigerator that can allow you to set different temperatures for the different compartments of that refrigerator. The larger quantities of food that you store justify acquiring such a refrigerator since you will be able to use those different compartments fully. This is unlike a smaller family that may not have to buy large amounts of food that require to be stored at different temperatures. Temperature zoning can also help to keep the overall energy consumption of the unit in check.

Hygiene Enhancement

Select a multi-door refrigerator that will have features that make it easier for you to keep microbes from the stored food. Such refrigerators have special coatings that inhibit the growth of bacteria. Having such a fridge will reduce the amount of wastage due to spoilage. 

Select Finishes Carefully

Some surface finishes, such as stainless steel, can impose more maintenance tasks upon the owners of refrigerators. This is because those finishes show fingerprint marks each time someone touches the refrigerator. Such a problem can be severe for your large family because the frequency at which the fridge will be opened is higher than that at which the members of a smaller family open their refrigerator. You are therefore better off selecting a finish that won't show finger-print marks.

Sturdy Shelving

Study the sections of the product literature that talk about the shelving used in the different multi-door refrigerators that you wish to select from. Pick one whose shelves are made from safety glass. Such shelves will be able to handle the heavier loads that you will be placing on them.

Child Locks

It is also advisable for you to buy a multi-door refrigerator with a child lock. Such a fridge should have a separate dispenser for water so that your younger children can access that water without the need to open the refrigerator.

The multi-door refrigerator that you finally select will serve you current and future needs very well in case you keep the considerations above in mind as you make your selection. Consult an expert for advice in case you are unable to select between two makes/models that meet the criteria above.


23 August 2017

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