Why Choose a Glass Shower Screen Over a Standard Shower Curtain?

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A glass shower screen is a great feature for any bathroom, no matter its size and no matter your choice of decor in the space. If you've never thought about having a glass shower screen installed, note why it can be a better option than a standard shower curtain, and how it can improve and enhance the bathroom's appearance and even its safety.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Shower curtains need a liner inside the tub or shower area, and these liners are notorious for holding mildew and mould along the hemline, even if they're advertised as waterproof. Liners can also show hard water stains and marks from shampoo and soap residue. A glass shower screen typically only needs a quick wipe with a squeegee when your shower is finished, and the glass stays clean and hygienic.


If someone in the home has balance issues and should slip in the shower, their natural instinct may be to grab at the shower curtain. However, the curtain typically doesn't offer much security, as the rings may easily break or the rod may simply come off the wall. A shower screen is much more secure and provides an additional wall for someone to grip; you can even have a safety bar installed along the shower screen for added safety in the bath.

Unique surfaces

Does your bathroom have a unique tile on the floor, or a very unique wall colour? Do your linens have a bold and strong pattern? Trying to find a shower curtain to match can be a challenge; a brown shower curtain may make a bathroom with dark timber-look tiles seem downright muddy, and a colour that's even a few shades different than the wall colour can clash and seem out of place. A glass shower screen will coordinate with any paint colour, pattern on the towels, and flooring surface, no matter how unique and how many times you decide to change them!

Curves and angles

If you have a walk-in shower with a curved front, or that is in an L-shape, or otherwise has curves and angles that are difficult to cover with a curtain, a shower screen can be the better solution. Glass can be easily curved, or the screen sections can be cut to fit any size of the shower's sides and angles. This gives you the option of having the shower built to fit your bathroom, without worrying about how the curtain rod will fit, or worrying if a shower curtain will look oddly shaped when closed around that shower area.


25 August 2017

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