5 Reasons Those With Mobility Issues Should Renovate the Kitchen With Rubber Flooring

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If you are starting to suffer from mobility issues, it makes sense to renovate the kitchen with your changing needs in mind. The type of flooring you choose is particularly important, and there's no choice better than rubber flooring.

Here are just five reasons why.

1. High Traction

If you suffer from mobility issues, you're not likely to be quite as stable on your feet as you once were. It's harder to recover from a slip, and such a slip can place excess pressure on damaged joints and weak muscles. Rubber flooring offers excellent traction, so it's very hard to slip and fall when you're walking across it.

2. Excellent Durability

Able to withstand years of heavy traffic without scuffing, scratching, or cracking, rubber flooring is incredibly durable. That's important if you have mobility issues since there's a good chance you might require some kind of mobility aid in the future. A wheelchair or walking frame can help you get around, but the weight and pressure can easily damage or mark weaker types of flooring.

3. Well Cushioned

Even if you do fall, rubber flooring will help prevent injury since it's such a spongy and supportive surface. If you never fall, you'll still appreciate the material's flexible nature. Because it's so soft and well-cushioned, you can stand for longer periods without placing too much pressure on your joints – in other words, standing up to cook or do some washing up won't be as uncomfortable.

4. Easy to Care For

Rubber flooring is wonderfully resistant against dirt and grime since it is completely non-porous. If any is tracked in, you can mop it up without a worry. Since the surface is non-porous, liquids won't penetrate, cause damage, or even leave any stains. This is advantageous for those with mobility problems since cleaning can be much tougher when it's harder to get around. A rubber floor doesn't need to be cleaned as much and doesn't require much attention when you do break out the cleaning products.

5. Numerous Style Choices

The rubber flooring you're most familiar is probably located in hospitals, which almost certainly means you're imagining a dull, clinical surface. But this isn't necessarily the case. Advancements in rubber flooring production have produced a wealth of colour and pattern options. Manufacturers can create rubber flooring in almost any colour or design you choose, then apply your choice of either a polished, matte or textured finish.


22 January 2018

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