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Concrete tiles are shaped pieces of cement. Most people tend to get confused, thinking concrete tiles and cement tiles are different things. Well, it is the same thing, only that the name concrete tiles sounds more attractive and therefore sells more.

Pros of using concrete tiles

  1. Saves on cost: concrete tiles are cheaper compared to other types of tiles. They don't need to be fired at extreme temperatures and are therefore less time consuming and the amount of resources used in its production is pocket friendly
  2. Easy to customize: it is very easy to make tiles into any shape, color or pattern. You can easily mould it to your preference and taste
  3. Easy to produce: it is very easy to learn how to make concrete tiles. You can opt to learn how to make them yourself thus saving a great deal of money or better still venture into commercial production and make yourself some extra cash
  4. Durability: concrete tiles tend to last longer than any other type of tiling system. It is almost impossible for any kind of pest to destroy them
  5. Environmental friendly: concrete tiles are made using materials such as broken glass and recyclable material.  Silica fume is also harnessed from the factories and sometimes used by local producers. In this case the environment is preserved

How to maintain concrete tiles

After you have your tiles installed you need to now properly maintain them in order for them to remain attractive for a long time.

  1. Make sure your tiles are mopped and rinsed with clean water regularly and when stained; use household stain removers to remove the stains. You may use some liquid wax to maintain its sheen.
  2. Avoid the use bleach and acids to remove stains for your concrete tiles as this may damage them. However, when the stain is stubborn you may use oxalic acid and ensure to rinse out all the acid from the tile surface
  3. Do not allow water to accumulate on any of your tiled area. This may result in the tiles staining or even worse pitting.
  4. Find a professional to reseal and strip your tiles from time to time to avoid them wearing out.
  5. Buff your concrete tiles from time to time with a white cloth

Concrete tiles are a go-to option because of their ability to suit whatever surface they are meant to be put on. Always ensure you take good care of your tiles and they will surely stay beautiful for longer. 


16 February 2018

Turning Your Home into Your Workplace

When I decided to become a freelance designer, I decided I would work from home. I was sick and tired of being in an office all day and to be honest, some of my workmates were pretty annoying. However, I did not consider that I might have to make some changes to my home in order to make it suitable. On the first day of my new life working from home, I realised I would need much more natural light, so I had new windows installed. I then realised that I would need a larger work table to work on my cut out designs. In the end, I made hundreds of changes and I learnt an awful lot about home improvement.