Four Ways To Help A Disabled Parent Move House

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Moving house is one of life's stress enhancers, so you need to spare a sympathetic thought for those who tackle it while disabled. As someone who wants to help a handicapped parent move into a new home, there are several things you can do to make the removals process easier for them. While they may have resisted assistance in the past, using these tips will ensure you know what you're talking about when it is time to shift from one property to another.

Ensure completion of access alterations before moving day

Number one on the moving list is making sure your disabled parent has easy access in and out of their new home. This may mean having a wheelchair ramp installed, or it may involve better handrails on the stairs leading up to the front door. Whatever alternations need to be done, have these completed and checked before you book the moving truck.

Make internal modifications before moving day

Just as important as external access are the internal modifications that need to be done before moving day. For example, do you need an assistance rail installed in the shower or near the bathtub? Do you need to remove some carpet and lay lino or tile to make wheelchair movement easier? Make sure your builder guarantees the work is finished before moving day arrives. It's up to you to keep track of the project progression so nothing is left unfinished.

Hire a reputable mover

While some people like to move house by themselves if they can, this is unlikely to be an option for your disabled parent. Therefore, you must hire a reputable moving company who picks up and drops off the belongings without fuss. Get the movers to put as much furniture into its correct room as you can. The more you and the movers do on moving day, the less your parent needs to try and tackle after the movers have left.

Get busy unpacking

Plan to spend a day or two with your parent helping them unpack their belongings. Unpacking the boxes quickly and putting things away helps your parent to establish a sense of organisation and belonging in their new home.

Now that you know how to help your parent with their move, they are sure to welcome your ideas and your assistance during this stressful time. Call your local moving company if you need any further ideas on how best to make this move as simple as possible.


14 March 2018

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