Concise Guide to Materials You Can Consider For Your Outdoor Dining Table

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When deliberating on outdoor furniture, your primary consideration should be how well it will withstand the elements. First, the material you choose should be capable of retaining its durability so that it can serve you for the long term. Secondly, the material should be easy to clean since the furniture will continuously be exposed to dust. But since there is such a range of supplies to choose from, you may be muddled about what will be best for your exterior living space. Below is a concise guide to materials that you can consider when purchasing an outdoor dining table and other furniture pieces.


Most people will overlook timber as an ideal choice for outdoor furniture, but teak is an exception to the rule. This hardwood timber s incredibly dense and has high oil content. Thus, it is highly resistant to the elements regardless of the prevailing climatic conditions of your area. The natural oil that it contains functions to repel moisture, so teak is unlikely to develop a vulnerability to decay. 

Secondly, the natural oil also keeps the timber hydrated, which ensures that it will not start to crack, warp or develop other structural inequities that will cause the furniture to degrade prematurely. A surprising fact about teak is that it is also naturally pest-resistant, so you also do not have to be concerned about termites or other boring insects. 

Synthetic Wicker

While most people may gravitate toward natural wicker when selecting outdoor furniture, it is not as durable as the synthetic variety. The plant materials that make up natural wicker will eventually start to succumb to precipitation and direct sunlight, leading the furniture to rot or become excessively brittle. Synthetic wicker, on the other hand, is manufactured from the resins that are derived from the plant matter. Since the resins are dense, they will harden during the manufacturing process. As a result, the synthetic furniture is better suited to the outdoors. Furthermore, synthetic wicker typically has ultraviolet inhibitors incorporated into the material, which makes it capable of withstanding the Australian sun.


If you prefer an industrial design for your outdoor furniture to complement the contemporary theme of your home, you should consider an outdoor dining table and furniture made from concrete. The same resistance that concrete flooring has against weathering is the same characteristic that your outdoor furniture will have. Furthermore, concrete does not have to be bland and grey as you can opt for a myriad of finishes for your outdoor furniture to make it pop! 


2 October 2018

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