Fun Configuration Ideas for Your Aussie Made Modular Sofa

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An Aussie-made modular sofa brings a lot of flexibility into your home. Thinking about investing in one of these sofas? Wondering what they can do? Take a look at these fun configuration options.

Create a Lounging Pit

With an Aussie-made modular sofa, you can easily create a large lounging pit. To do this, you simply put a section with a back and two corner pieces in a row. Then, you line up two sections with backs next to your corner sections. To complete the pit, push in your ottoman. 

Now, you have a rectangular shape, similar to a large bed. The pit is great for couples or families with little kids who like to cuddle. 

Spread Out for Group Movie Night

If you're inviting over friends or have teens who want to watch a movie with the family, you may want to spread out. The above example used three pieces with backs, two corner pieces and an ottoman, and those same six pieces can work perfectly for a group movie night configuration as well. 

Depending on your wall space, you may want to create a row of five seats with the corners and the pieces with backs. Then, give someone the ottoman to use as a footstool. 

Alternatively, you may want to create an L-shaped seating arrangement by setting up the sections in the following order: corner, back, corner, back, back. 

Add Tables Between the Sections

With a modular sectional, you can easily add places for yourself or your guests to place your snacks, drinks and remote control. Simply, add tables between the sections as desired. For a cohesive and stylish look, you may want to opt for tables that are the same height as the seat of your sectionals. 

Set up a Conversation Area

While lounging pits and long sectionals are great for watching parties, they aren't as ideal for conversations. To create a fun space for interesting conversations, consider setting up the modular pieces so that they look like two couches facing each other. 

You can use a couple of pieces with backs to create an open-sided couch, or you can integrate corner pieces to create a couch with traditional looking sides. Alternatively, use a corner piece with an ottoman to make the look of a chaise lounge. 

Bring Seating to Other Areas

Finally, the pieces of your modular sectional don't all have to stay in the same room. Instead, you can bring the modular pieces to other parts of your home to add seating as necessary. 

For more ideas on how to arrange Aussie-made modular sofas, reach out to a local home store or interior designer.


24 November 2020

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When I decided to become a freelance designer, I decided I would work from home. I was sick and tired of being in an office all day and to be honest, some of my workmates were pretty annoying. However, I did not consider that I might have to make some changes to my home in order to make it suitable. On the first day of my new life working from home, I realised I would need much more natural light, so I had new windows installed. I then realised that I would need a larger work table to work on my cut out designs. In the end, I made hundreds of changes and I learnt an awful lot about home improvement.