How To Best Decorate Your Abode With Quality Pieces Of Homeware

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Decorative homewares are a great addition to any household as they can turn a rather cold, clinical-feeling environment into a warm and cosy living space. If you have just moved in or are struggling to find ways to make your house feel special, then following some simple rules when it comes to choosing decorative homewares can take your home to the next level. Here are three of the most basic but important tips and tricks that most people will use to their benefit, and these tools can help transform your home into the envy of every one of your guests.

Use The Same Designer Or Store

Most people have been to homes that feel a bit like a collection of fifteen different ideas that don't really match each other. Maybe you have even lived in one and recognised the error of your ways. By using the same store for most of your initial homeware purchases, you ensure that they have a similar design theme because the same group of people made them or picked them out. Of course, you can always add more to your collection of decorative homewares down the road, but it is a good idea to stick to one store or brand for a more cohesive look.

Make Your First Purchases Only Items That You Will Interact With

When people first get into decorating their home or apartment it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of interesting art pieces and knick-knacks, which can make a home feel more comfortable. To avoid being so overwhelmed that you avoid purchasing anything altogether, you should stick to buying homeware items that you will physically use and interact with. From comfortable blankets and pillows to storage containers for your tea and coffee, these items are practical and will help establish your style.

Sit On Your Opinions For A Day

Impulse purchasing decorative homewares is a habit that everyone will fall into at some point, but it doesn't always yield the best results. This is especially true for beginners, who haven't got the confidence yet that they need to purchase items on a whim and know that they will fit in with their style. Instead, fill up your cart online and then sit on them for a day or two. Think about whether you really love them or just thought they looked cute at the moment. If it is the latter, empty out those items and keep looking.


23 September 2021

Turning Your Home into Your Workplace

When I decided to become a freelance designer, I decided I would work from home. I was sick and tired of being in an office all day and to be honest, some of my workmates were pretty annoying. However, I did not consider that I might have to make some changes to my home in order to make it suitable. On the first day of my new life working from home, I realised I would need much more natural light, so I had new windows installed. I then realised that I would need a larger work table to work on my cut out designs. In the end, I made hundreds of changes and I learnt an awful lot about home improvement.